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Church is not cool. Just ask any teenager. Church in America is broken. Just ask any of the millions of weekly church goers that attend church religiously, yet still feel deeply unsatisfied.What's wrong? What changed? How did the American church give up its place as the epicenter of community, culture, and charity to the fringes of relevance?Church is Lame explores these questions and offer solutions. Join Mark and Scott on a journey to make the church better by shining a light or the crazy things they do that break the entire body. You can only heal the things you admit are broken. Join us in our mission and get ad-free episodes by becoming a member at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

About the Hosts


Chief Iconoclast

Scott has work as an IT director in professional ministry in the “megachurch” world and at the denominational HQ layer for over a decade. He volunteers in youth and worship ministries. Scott is an unrepentant fan of 80s hair bands.


Mark has a Bachelor’s in Communication and Culture, and has received a Master’s in Biblical Exegesis from Wheaton College Graduate School. He has volunteered for many years as a church musician, as well as having served in other areas of ministry and having worked in the church non-profit world for over a decade. He has also gone to some very problematic churches.