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Sept. 14, 2022

052 - Evangelicals Are Bothered, But Can’t Be Bothered

052 - Evangelicals Are Bothered, But Can’t Be Bothered

We turn our attention to a Relevant Magazine article which tells us about how white Evangelicals are super concerned about America being a “Christian nation.” Other racial demographics, not so much. This doesn’t seem sus, as the cool kids like to say. We continue the number crunching with the alarming statistic that a minority of Christians understand tithing (probably including pastors). The rest of will be a surprise, but let’s just say that no, you don’t have to be Republican to be a Christian, silly rabbit. And apparently we really annoyed some people by suggesting that debt forgiveness is an actual, factual Christian thing to do. Maybe they accidentally read the Satanic Bible instead of the Holy one? You decide.






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