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April 23, 2022

016 - Robbing Peter To Pay Anyone But The Church

016 - Robbing Peter To Pay Anyone But The Church

Just when you thought there was enough drama with pastors, something new shows up. We discuss Stovall Weems who after defrauding his church with a little help from his wife, decided to sue them. Apparently, his old church was being unfair to him and needed to be sued. Never mind that the Bible teaches the exact opposite of that...and that you shouldn't defraud your church in the first place.

Next up is the tale of Sharity, a health care sharing ministry. The trouble seems to be that they didn't share enough health care. Amidst several accusations of mismanagement, operating as an illegal insurance company, and paying a whole $0.16 on the dollar, they went bankrupt. Now 10,000 families are on the hook for medical bills. Not that they were ever guaranteed their claims would ever be paid anyhow.





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