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March 28, 2022

012 - Disney's Turning Red has the Church Seeing Red

012 - Disney's Turning Red has the Church Seeing Red

Scott and Mark cover a recent article which discusses Pastor Mike Signorelli's take on the new Pixar movie "Turning Red." This pastor thinks the movie is "demonic" because it has traditional Chinese practices, and call its inappropriate for children because it dares to include mentions of menstruation. Truly a shocking topic for a movie which involves a 13 year old girl!

They also talk about John MacArthur's church, and how it raised around $300,000 for the legal defense of one of its employees who had abused his wife and children (including sexual abuse). His church, Grace Community Church, showed just how grace-filled it is when it excommunicated the abused woman for her sin of having the unmitigated gall to commit herself to Biblical teaching.

You can read Faithwire's article about "Turning Red" here. You can find Relevant Magazine's article about John MacArthur's church here.





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