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Feb. 5, 2022

005 - Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston Going to Jail?

005 - Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston Going to Jail?

In this episode, Scott and Mark talk about the importance of avoiding the trap of even giving the impression that Christianity is anti-science and anti-academy, looking at an Instagram video from Kyle Winkler. They follow this with Hillsong pastor Brian Houston's problems with sexual and financial scandal, pointing to the need for radical accountability and transparency. Furthermore, they discuss the need for not trying to avoid the negative publicity of scandal, but rather shining God's light on sin.

You can find the sources for this episode on Kyle Winkler's Instagram and about Hillsong at The Christian Post.

Weekly Picks:

Mark: (Book) Practicing Christian Doctrine, Beth Felkner Jones

Scott: (Book) The Death of Expertise, Tom Nichols

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