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Sept. 30, 2022

057 - Is Eminem the New God of Christian Rap?

057 - Is Eminem the New God of Christian Rap?

We are nonplussed (sorry, I needed an excuse to use this word) in this episode about the weird obsession that Christians have with media that has a Christian vibe, even when the faith of the artist is otherwise not really well understood. Eminem has released a song with a song which has a faith-based theme. We have no problem with Eminem exploring this aspect of himself or of humanity, but we shouldn't assume anything about his beliefs until he makes it explicit otherwise. And if this makes you want to choke somebody, get in line. Bishop Lamar Whitehead, who is of getting robbed on livestream of stuff worth more than you make in 10 years fame, has decided that choking out a woman who had the unmitigated gall to video the delivery of God's word was a good idea. You Jesus did. We wrap up by marveling at yet another caser of a serial predator being outed, and Al Mohler still is making us mad with his whole Christian=Republican=Christian mathematics.






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