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Sept. 28, 2022

056 - Juanita Bynum Wants $1500 to Teach You How to Pray?

056 - Juanita Bynum Wants $1500 to Teach You How to Pray?

This episode is about pay to pray. Never heard of it? shouldn’t have. It turns out that Juanita Bynum is charging $1500 to teach you how to pray, and this is the discounted price! I can already hear you saying, "That's absurd! God doesn't require us to do anything other than lifting our voice up to Heaven." You would be right. And if the money grabbing here isn't enough for you, Kanye West has started his own Christian school. In a day and age when enrollment in Christian schools is down, this makes what should be a good thing seem like nothing more than a man known for his ego trying to get more money he doesn’t need. Next, we assuage your fears that there weren't enough God's Not Dead movies. That's right, friend, the poorly written schlock that turns Christians and atheists alike into 2-dimensional caricatures (at its best) is now in its 5th iteration. Of course, when Jesus said the world would hate us, we don't need to go out of our way to give it a reason.






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