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Aug. 22, 2022

046 Hillsong Church Sued for Hiding Money

046 Hillsong Church Sued for Hiding Money

This episode takes a look at a few articles which frustrate us in several ways. The Gospel Coalition tells us all about how wives need to depend on their husbands. Of course they say nothing about the reverse, or even suggest a woman has a life outside of her role as a wife. In the expanding dramas of both Hillsong and the Southern Baptist Conference, we get some troubling updates. Hillsong has been accused of shuffling millions of dollars around to avoid the eyes of regulators. The SBC finds itself the subject of an investigation by the Department of Justice. The details are thin, so we hope to learn more in the future. And just in case you thought cancel culture was a fevered pipe dream, we present an article which tries to prove its real. Have fun! 






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