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April 30, 2022

017 - Football + Prayer = Supreme Court

017 - Football + Prayer = Supreme Court

We just can't get away from more Hillsong this week. Hillsong Worship has withdrawn from their tour with Casting Crowns. It's not clear whether they withdrew totally voluntarily, but this is probably good thing for them. Of course why a church needs an internationally touring act is fuzzy in the first place. Next we talk about Joseph Kennedy, a high school football coach who quit his job (i.e., was not fired, but left because he didn't like it) and sued the school because they told him to stop praying on the field following games. Never mind the fact that Jesus said not to pray in public to be seen by people. More thin-skinned Christians complaining about a world not allowing them to do what Jesus said not to do in the first place. Lame indeed.





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