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April 16, 2022

015 - Jesus Hates Disney Over Don't Say Gay

015 - Jesus Hates Disney Over Don't Say Gay

We take a look at the continuing drama of Hillsong, which doesn't seem to want to slow down. Specifically, Bobbie Houston, the wife of Brian Houston and "first lady" of Hillsong received her walking papers. As the story goes, she was alerted to this over a text message! Seems appropriate for Hillsong considering its treatment of women in the past.

Next, we talk about the recent Christin protests of Disney over Disney's opposition to a Florida law which prohibits "instruction" about gender and sexuality issues to children K-3. Why does Billy have two mommies? You'll never know. The obvious problem here is that these Christians have forgotten that Disney is not a church nor even a Christian business, a thing which Paul's teaching makes clear is not a concern. The problem is something called Christian Dominionism (or 7 Mountains Dominionism). And guess what: this is heresy. Enjoy!

Mark’s Article:

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