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April 12, 2022

014 - Houston, You Are The Problem

014 - Houston, You Are The Problem

This episode we once again talk about Hillsong – the gift that keeps on giving. Brian Houston has permanently resigned from Hillsong, but promises to keep on working in ministry. It seems what screwing up one just wasn't enough for him. You can read some of our sources at The Roys Report and The Christian Post.

We also discuss an article form The Gospel Coalition which tells us about how wrong it is for women to teach and lead in the Church. The author decided to make his point with a single verse (1 Timothy 1:12) for the sake of brevity; and one which really fails to provide the certainty he thinks the Bible has on this subject.

We could be wrong, though; we can't even think of a single example of a Christian man who totally screwed up in a leadership capacity and sent his ministry crashing into the ground..





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