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March 12, 2022

010 - Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Politics

010 - Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Politics

Scott and Mark take a look at the disparity in responses to the crisis in Ukraine. Namely, while celebrities like Mila Kunis and Ryan Reynolds are busy raising money, Rick Warren has found his purpose in life is to stir up anger at the U.S. government. You know, just like Jesus did.

They also discuss an article which encourages people not to give up on their marriage just because their spouse cheated on them. While reconciliation is always a good path if you have the capacity to go down it, it is not Biblically legitimate to call this the "best" option when your spouse betrays you.

Read all about Rick Warren's rebuke at Christian Headlines. If you want to feel guilty about not giving your cheating spouse a second chance, go to Charisma Magazine.





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