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Feb. 28, 2022

008 - Pronouns DO Matter After All

008 - Pronouns DO Matter After All

This week, Scott and Mark level their observations at Franklin Graham's tweet that we should pray for Putin. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt, his own history supporting Trump and Putin's own aggression toward other territories makes his tweet ring hollow. We should pray prophetically against aggressors like Putin, that they would be convicted by their sinfulness. Not only should Graham be more thoughtful about his words, but his celebrity among Christians does not afford him a pass

Next on the docket is a story which reveals a Catholic archdiocese in Michigan which invalidated several hundred baptisms because the attendant priest said "we." This is in the heels of an archdiocese in Arizona invalidating several thousand (not a typo) baptisms due to the same "mistake" made by a priest there. They ask the Vatican to examine these choices in light of Jesus teaching, and NOT Catholic tradition.

You can read about Graham's tweet at Yahoo News. Our source for the article on the invalidated baptisms can be found at CBS News.

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