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Feb. 21, 2022

007 - Greg Lock Burns Books and Hunts Witches. It's the 1600's!!!

007 - Greg Lock Burns Books and Hunts Witches. It's the 1600's!!!

This episode Scott and Mark discuss the extreme nonsense that is Answers In Genesis believing in unicorns, and the need to interpret the Bible on its own terms and not by reading our own theologies into it. The contest is not between the Bible and science, but between literalistic readings and appropriate exegesis.

Next they peer into the void of madness that is Greg Locke having an actual, factual book burning. The books which are so heinous as to lead our children in to the occult and Satan worship? Harry Potter and Twilight receive special mention. The conclusion is that the Christian community needs to answer the fool according to his folly otherwise he will remain wise in his own eyes (c.f., Proverbs 6:25).

You can read all about unicorns at Answers In Genesis. To read about Greg Locke and his Fahrenheit 451 approach to young adult fiction, you can read this article at Real Clear Religion.

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