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Jan. 22, 2022

003 - Dave Ramsey Stops at Penetration

003 - Dave Ramsey Stops at Penetration

This week we examine the all-too-familiar obsession of some Christians with the end times. Notably, some believe that not only is the end at our collective doorstep, but that getting vaccinated against COVID 19 is to take the very mark of the beast! We follow this with a discussion of some problems within Dave Ramsey's organization concerning discipline and sexism. You can find the source articles at Charisma Magazine and at the Roys Report

Scott and Mark talk about the problems of seeing the world as intrinsically evil and immanently doomed, pointing to Jesus as the example to see the world for how it is. Then they call out the hypocrisy of Ramsey's organization for what it is, and call him to examine his own prejudices and the organizations practice of "crony grace."

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